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nature conservancy

We have good manners toward nature

We want to learn from flowers in their natural glory


We want to learn from the joyful way they live their lives


Original (Minamoto) landscape of Japan


We want to learn from the creatures that enjoy themselves in nature

Nature , living creature>Human

I believe the beach retreat is another disaster caused by people dazzled by their immediate greed.

If you take care of nature

The Cretaceous Period, when my favorite dinosaurs existed, was about 90 million years ago.

There are beaches in Japan that lost their beaches in just 20 years.

Today, Japan has seen considerable destruction of nature and man-made disasters in the last 20 years.

Water-impermeable asphalt and mountain-carved highways.

Human living space that has deprived the necessary natural animals of living space.

All are land-related man-made disasters.

They are caused by people who do not know the nature that is typical of Japan.


Most foreign tourists can't get that information from the internet.

Below are the 24 Japanese seasonal cycles.

I would like to keep the sense of the 24 seasonal divisions that only beautiful Japanese people have.


We have good manners toward wild birds

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